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Striking Security Workers

“Why did I go on strike twice for affordable healthcare, a raise and sick days? So I can spend more time with my kids, and so that they can have a better future”

-James Matias, security officer

Local 26 Security History

Current Contract:

2020-2024 Security Officers Contract

Additional Handouts:

These handouts contain different benefits we’ve won in our Security contract. If you have any questions on specific policies, please reach out to your Steward or Organizer. If you are a member and aren’t sure who they are, please call your Member Resource Center at 1-855-265-6225.

Paper Paystub Form (Securitas)

Paper Paystub Form (All other companies)

New employee handout (2021)

NEO – President’s Letter

Steward petition (2021)

Summary of Security Contract ’20-24

Organizer Contact info (2021)

Sick Time Information (2021)

Vacation Information  (2021)

Health Insurance Handout (2021)