TeleTown Hall

Welcome to the Local26 TeleTown Hall Conference Call Center!

Local 26 is excited to introduce our latest communications tool to help keep our members informed and up to date on union activities, projects, campaigns, and other important information. This conference call system makes it easy to have an organized town hall style meeting by phone, without your typical conversational free for all, or distracting background noise of most conference call systems. See more details below!


Next TeleTownHall: TBD

Call Toll Free: 888-409-5380

Previous TeleTownHall Call Recordings:

5-2-18 Security Update

7-19-17 Janitors Sick Days – Spanish

7-19-17 Janitors Sick Days – English

7-18-17 Security Sick Days and Safety

12-7-16 Sick Day Benefits Changes & Paid Time Off Benefits

6-27-16 Sick Day Rights and Legislation

5-4-16 Dues and Leadership Structure

2-10-16 Security Bargaining Agreement

1-12-16 Security Bargaining Update #2

11-20-15 Security Bargaining Update #1

9-24-15 Bargaining Priorities

8-12-15 Bargaining Priorities

7-7-15 Building Unity

6-2-15 Security Updates

5-6-15 Economic Realities

4-7-15 Leadership Assembly & Week of Actions

3-26-15 Just Cause & Past Practice

The new TeleTown Hall includes features like:

1. The dial out feature makes it easy to participate by simply answering the phone at the preplanned call time. You can also use the toll free number to call in and join if you’re not on the calling list.

2. Controlled interactive discussions for better conversation and noise control. All participants are muted to avoid interference and background noise. Participants can press a key to be connected to one of the call screeners to be placed in the queue for questions or comments.

3. Preplanned polling questions can be programmed for the conversation, making data capturing for survey style responses quick and easy.

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