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Janitors and security officers live in the communities that have been hardest hit by the economic and environmental crises created by the 1%, which lock our communities into poverty. We are fighting to hold the 1% accountable. We are fighting to make the 1% invest in our communities. This is a blog about our fight to stand up for our community.

Workers Vote to Ratify New Contracts, Celebrate A Win for Working Families

Historic contracts will pump $48 million into local communities, helping families on the brink of poverty and strengthening Minnesota’s labor movement

Security Officers Win Tentative Agreement on a Great New Contract

On Heels of 1-Day Strike, Twin Cities Security Officers Reach Tentative Agreement to Strengthen Middle Class With their first union contract, suburban security officers grow Local 26 by 1,000 members Minneapolis, MN – Twin Cities security officers are celebrating today …

Twin Cities Security Officers Call One-Day Strike Today to Protect the Middle Class

SEIU Local 26 security officers reach last-minute tentative agreement with American Security to avoid strike; security officers strike after emergency negotiations break down with rest of employers

“They make more money by foreclosing on you than by accepting your payments”

Find out why one security officer is fighting justice against the banks that are foreclosing on our future.

I can’t just leave my wife out in the cold for healthcare, she gave birth to my sons.

St. Paul security officer Gene Worley works hard. “Right now,” Gene says, “I can’t take a night off because of staffing.” A 13-year veteran in the security industry, Gene works at a building containing some very high-profile facilities. “There’s the …

How Wells Fargo is Holding One Minnesota Family Back.

“To pay my Wells Fargo direct deposit advances, they’ve taken out $100 from my checks every month,” James says.

Twin Cities Janitors Reach Tentative Agreement that Includes Major Gains for Workers on Full-Time Positions, Wages and Healthcare

Victory Could Be First of “Unlock Our Future” Week of Actions to Strengthen Minnesota’s Middle Class; Talks Break Down for Security Officers

Security Officer Contractors Walk Away From the Table, Workers Vow to Strike Next Week

This afternoon negotiations with contractors for SEIU Local 26 security officers ended without a contract, despite a Sunday deadline from workers to strike

Twin Cities Janitors and Security Officers Set Sunday as Deadline for Strike

SEIU Local 26 members join community effort to strengthen Minnesota’s middle class.

Twin Cities Janitors, Security Officers Vote Unanimously to Authorize Strike

SEIU Local 26 members representing more than 6,000 workers through Twin Cities metro call for corporate elite to unlock their future Minneapolis, MN – More than 500 janitors and security officers who clean and protect property for the richest corporations …

Janitors & Security Officers Vote to Authorize Strike

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Security Officer Paul Keith: “My Wife Would Be a Great Mom–If We Could Afford It”

Ask Minnesota security officer Paul Keith what’s going on and he’ll tell you. “The rich want to take this country back to the days of the robber barons,” he says. “For the middle class that means economic collapse, bad schools, …

Security Officer and Army Veteran Robert Bertrand: “We’re Fighting for a Way of Life”

Few people have felt the impact of America’s shrinking middle class like Minnesota security officer Robert Bertrand. “I went from making $80,000 to making $18,000,” Robert says. “That’s $4,000 below the poverty line. It’s sad.” Robert, a father of two, …

Twin Cities Janitors, Security Officers Begin Preparations for a Strike

More than 6,000 janitors and security officers march with their allies after bargaining committees call for a strike vote

Our Community vs 1%

Sign the Petition: Unlock our Future

Security officers and janitors in SEIU Local 26 and CTUL, a workers center in the Twin Cities, are fighting to take back our community from the 1%.

Security officers, janitors back to bargaining table

by Tim Nelson, Minnesota Public Radio January 2, 2013 ST. PAUL, Minn. — Twin Cities security officers and janitors are headed back to the bargaining table, after their contracts with maintenance and security companies expired. The contracts for security officers in Minneapolis and …

Does it Make a Difference to Be in a Union?

Doing my Part for the 99%

Janitors & Security Officers: Taking Back Our Community from the 1%