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SEIU Local 26 is updating and changing to meet the needs of our members.  If you wish to contact a union representative by email, please click this link to be connected with the Member Resource Center

SEIU Local 26 está actualizando y cambiando para satisfacer las necesidades de nuestros miembros.  Si desea ponerse en contacto con un representante sindical por correo electrónico, haga clic en este enlace  para estar conectado con el Centro de Recursos para Miembros

Quarterly Stewards and Members Meeting-page-001

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Member Educational Handouts


Health Insurance Enrollment

Workload Productivity

Worker Comp Health and Safety

Vacation and Sick Days


Post Orders Equipment Training

Our Right to be Union

Enforcing our Contract

Unity at the Worksite


Our Union

Our Ideal Worksite

Housing Foreclosure and Race

Jobs and Wages



Our Industry

Our Economy





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What is the Union Difference?

A union is an organization of workers who have joined together to fight for better standards in our industry. By organizing, protesting and striking when needed, we have won real improvements from companies in comparison to workers who haven’t formed a union.

Company ABM Air Serv
Union/non-union Union non-Union
Hourly Pay $14.27 $8.00
Guaranteed Hours
per Week
40 NO
Health Insurance $35 $135
Sick, vacation
& holidays per year
(3 yrs seniority)
19 0
If boss
you unfairly
file grievance,
fight to keep your job
lose your job

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Vacation and Time Off

Contract language for Full timers

 Paid Holidays: New Year’s Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving Day, Independence Day, and Christmas Day; and for janitorial, an additional floating holiday, and 3 hours on Christmas Eve.

Vacation: Full timers get the following vacation on their anniversary date for security or January 1st for janitorial, based on your seniority and hours worked the previous year

SENIORITY VACATION ACCRUAL RATE Equal to (if you work 2080 hours in a year)
0-3yrs(S) -1yr(J) .0192 hours per hour paid 40 hours/ 1 week
3-8yrs(S) 1-5yrs(J) .0385 hours per hour paid 80 hours/2 weeks
8+yrs(S) 6-10yrs(J) .0577 hours per hour paid 120 hours/3 weeks
11-19yrs(J) .0769 hours per hour paid 160 hours/4 weeks
20+yrs(J) .0962 hours per hour paid 200 hours/5 weeks

You can carry over up to 40 hours of unpaid vacation from the previous year.

To use your seniority, you must put in your request by March 31st (Security) or in the month of December (Janitorial) for any vacation for the year.  After that it is first come, first serve.

Paid Sick days: For Security – 2 days after 3 years, and 3 days after 5 years. For Janitorial – 1 day after 1 year.  2 days after 3 years, and 3 days after 5 years. You do not need a doctor’s note.  State law now says you can use this for sick family members, too

Disability Pay: For Security – if you are out of work for an illness or injury, after 8 days, you get paid 49% (effective 1/1/2015) of your regular weekly pay for up to 12 weeks.

For Janitorial – if you are out of work for an illness or injury, after 1-5 days, you get paid 60% of your regular weekly pay for up to 12 weeks.

(This is separate from workers’ compensation)

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Member Circles

Union workers have been uniting around common goals and using their best abilities to participate in a variety of activities. You can be a part of things as well or start your own circle.  The following are updates from some of our member circles actively involved in our communities:

1) Immigration circle 

On Saturday December 6, 2014. We held a meeting at SEIU Local 26 to inform our membership and the community about Executive Action. John Keller’s attorney at Immigrant law Center of Minnesota explained what the extension of DACA is and what DAPA is; answering questions and helping to understand who benefits from these.

At this meeting a committee was created who will continue working in this topic, and continue organizing and participating in various activities for fair immigration reform!

2) Women’s Circle

The Women’s circle has created a committee to plan proposals for our next CBA negotiations. Join their next meetings 11am on both Saturday, January 17th and Saturday, February 21st at Local 26.

For more information Contact Blanca at

3) Work-Load circle continues to enforce Article 19 of our contract. Are you also concerned about an unreasonable workload?Contact Gerrardo: 612-386-6190

4) AFRAM’s upcoming event is a potluck dinner with speaker Reverend Thomas Van Leer, a local author and long-time minister. This event is Friday, February 6th from 6-9PM at SEIU Healthcare, 345 Randolph Ave, in Saint Paul. Contact Harrison for more details:, 612-804-4388

5) Soccer Circle is currently on Winter break, but will be starting up again soon in 2015. You may have have seen or even joined them when they played at our Local 26 BBQ this last summer. Contact Brahim Kone, to get involved at, 651-999-9950

6) The Art/Music Circle Just organized a Halloween Party in Saint Paul providing a safe and fun environment for over 150 kids (earlier in this newsletter). In November, they helped deliver vegetable baskets to senior citizens for Thanksgiving, helping reduce food insecurity. They are currently working on our Local’s holiday party!

If you an artist or musician and would like to get plugged in to what we are working or have some ideas please contact S/O James Matias 651-347-5221 or at

7) Stewards Circle.  Stewards are the most important individuals in a building because they help members resolve their issues right there.  It’s the best and fastest way to rapidly resolve problems for your co-workers.  If your building does not have a steward, you should elect one. We are redesigning the stewards training to make it more effective, Contact Ron Gulczynski at or 612-804-1266.  

8) New Media/ Communications Circle, help write this newsletter, Facebook, Twitter. Contact Gene – 651-964-9796 or Kevin – 612-276-2543.  

9) African Circle, we are working to force the banks to re-open lines to transfer money to our families in Somalia.  Contact Ibrahim Nur 612-644-1717

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