Candidate Questionnaires 2020 Local 26 Officer & Delegate Elections


Office (Seats on the board)  Candidate(s)
President(1) Iris Altamirano
Harrison Bullard
Greg Nammacher
Secretary-Treasurer(1) Romisha Jones
Brahim Kone
Vice President (2) Kay Brown
Tara Lewis
Eva Lopez
Elia Starkweather
Delegates to E-Board
Commercial Cleaning (6) Kadra Ali
Katra Arale
Alma Bonilla
George Mullins
Odemaris Mercado
Edith Patino
Maria Perez
Lourdes Tapia
Security Division Delegates (4) Emory Hall
Abdi Haybe
Todd O’Connor
Dan Scoggins
Joann Whitmore
Airport Division (2) Abdi Ali
Misrak Anbesse (Uncontested)
In-House (1) Frank McCrary (Uncontested)
Window Cleaning (1) Eric Crone (Uncontested)
Retail (1) Rosalio Vences (Uncontested)


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