COVID-19 Update – (May 18, 2020)

MN_outline_SEIU_local_26While We Fight the Companies to Protect Us,
Union Members Support Each other…

Union Mask and Glove Distribution

12pm-3pm, Daily Tuesday May 19 thru Saturday May 23rd

And 5:30pm-8:30pm, Friday May 22nd

Parking lot at L26 union hall, 826 18th Ave NE, Mpls.

It is the company’s job to protect workers, and it is inexcusable that many companies still haven’t given the appropriate equipment and tests to essential workers. But in these dark days, many members are stepping forward and making masks for each other. In that humanitarian spirit, our union has received a shipment of N95 masks (the best kind), which we will make available to the members on a first come, first serve basis. Distribution will be to cars in front of the union hall, so we all stay safe.

Governor meets with SEIU26 essential workers

May_18_Update_Image1Announces new protections for essential workers!

On Friday May 15th the Governor met via teletown hall with security, janitorial and airport members from our union. Members spoke about the unacceptable conditions, the need for Masks, essential worker pay, paid sick time for quarantine, and $15 at the airport. The Governor gave a new executive order that workers cannot be fired for refusing to work in unsafe conditions, including not having appropriate COVID protection. The companys also cannot retaliate against workers for reporting unsafe conditions.

May_18_Update_Image2Worker Pressure Works:

More Agreements for PPE and Essential Pay!

Thanks to over 800 hundred workers signing petitions and posting photos, more companies are agreeing to our demands:

Security: After a Letter to the editor by security officers, companies have agreed to give PPE to all officers and request paid quarantine from clients.

Retail: 3 companies (Carlson, Major Metro, IFS) have paid essential worker bonuses.

May_18_Update_Image3Janitorial: The contractors have refused to sign any company wide agreements, so we are battling over conditions, building by building. “because we pushed as a union, the company gave us masks. But the masks are not a high quality, and we only get a new one every 3 days. We decided to take more action, and together with the unión we got ABM to give us better quality masks!” Guadalupe Pineda, ABM.

Windows: the companies agreed to a 3 month extension of the union contract, extending healthcare through the COVID crisis.

Airport: 3 weeks after they were fired unjustly for issues connected to the fight over “social distancing” at work, 13 airport workers got their jobs back!May_18_Update_Image4

“Now I understand how important the union was for my father. We received your solidarity and I want to thank all the members of the union and your fight for justice.”
-Son of Amando Solis, the first member of SEIU Local 26 to pass away this month from COVID, may he rest in Peace.

First members receive help from COVID union solidarity fund:

We know of over 20 members who have COVID and the numbers increase daily. Members who are sick with COVID-19 or in quarantine due to COVID-19, are now eligible to receive up to $300 in emergency aid, and $800 for members who pass away as a result of COVID.

To get immediate help call 612-843-6304.

Be Calm. Limit Exposure. We are Stronger Together.

L26 Unemployed Members’ Committee: Call 612-843-6304.
Member Resource Center, 855-265-6225. on FB and on the web.

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