COVID-19 Update – (May 13, 2020)

MN_outline_SEIU_local_26Two New Benefits For Those In Need:

1) Union Executive Board Creates New Solidarity Fund

Members who are sick with COVID-19 or in quarantine due to COVID-19, are now eligible to receive up to $300 in emergency aid, and $800 for members who pass away as a result of COVID.

To get immediate help call 612-843-6304.

2) Healthcare for the Unemployed is Extended Through June 30th

If you get your healthcare insurance through our union, SEIU 26, and if you were laid off anytime since April 1st, you qualify for continuing healthcare at no cost per month through June 30th. This is equal to a value of $600 per month. This was the result of a decision by the trustees of our union healthcare fund (we are only able to do this because we as a union control our own fund!)

“[I try to] keep a positive mind frame. When your job can’t be done from home and you got no real family around you; let me know how to stay upbeat. This is my daily reality. “
-Candy, Security Officer
“An issue me and my co workers have is hazard pay or some sort of compensation working on the front lines and being an essential worker during the pandemic.”
-Peter, security officer

Tell Congress: Protect Workers!

Our union at the state and national level has fought hard to pass the first three stimulus bills, which gave many workers checks of $1200, expanded eligibility for unemployment (increasing the amount by $600 per week), and kept airline workers at work. Join our fight for a fourth stimulus bill: We need guarantees of Personal Protective Equipment, testing, additional sick days and essential worker pay. Call the congress people below to make your voice heard:

  • Senator Amy Klobuchar at 202-224-3244
  • Representative Dean Phillips 202-225-2871

Workers_united_front_against_hungerL26 Unemployed Members’ Committee: Ready to Fight!

We just won our new union contracts in March because we were united. That is also what we must do now as Unemployed workers- fighting so that our families get the support and respect we need while we are off the job! So far, about 15% of our members have been laid off, but that number may grow. Employers have gotten 95% of all Federal tax money distributed during this crisis. Join the Unemployed Workers Committee to fight for support we NEED. (ABOVE: Unemployed workers councils in the 1930’s stopped over 70,000 evictions in New York city alone!) Call 612-843-6304 to get involved.

Be Calm. Limit Exposure. We are Stronger Together.

Contact the Member Resource Center, 855-265-6225. on FB and on the web.

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