COVID-19 Update – (April 16, 2020)

MN_outline_SEIU_local_26Masks! Gloves! & Essential Pay NOW!

One month has passed since Governor Walz declared a peacetime emergency (March 13th) and it has been three weeks of #StayHomeMn with only essential workers working in the Twin Cities. Employers have had plenty of time to figure out how to supply our workers with personal protective equipment. They have had plenty of time to figure out how to pay workers a wage differential in exchange for putting their health and their family’s health at risk. Many union members are saying they have not received masks or gloves, and most members said they NEED hazard/essential pay because we are on the frontline. This is not right. Here is how you can help —

#ProtectAllWorkers Picture Campaign

Help us put a picture to the realities of being an essential worker on the frontline. Tell the employers and our public leaders that we needmasks, gloves, and essential pay.


Send selfie-pictures to your organizers, post in WhatsApp, or post in our private Facebook groups.

Retail Cleaners Petition:
Commercial Janitorial Petition:
Security Officer Petition:
Airport Workers Petition:


Congress is working out a fourth stimulus package to help during the coronavirus. President Altamirano is working with our national Senators to ensure they understand the needs of property service workers and include US in the upcoming bill. WE NEED YOUR HELP –

  • Do you feel like you are being put in a dangerous situation as an essential worker?
  • Would you be willing to talk to Senators Amy Klobuchar and/or Tina Smith and tell them about your lack of training, protective equipment, and struggles during the Coronavirus?

Please contact your organizer or call the MRC at 1-855-265-6225 and let them know you have a story to tell. Looks for a survey soon to tell your story.


You may have received a text message on Tuesday (4/14) to add your name to our PPE and essential pay petition. We are demanding employers provide our members with masks, gloves, and essential pay NOW! We have asked the contractors to provide our building and store cleaners, Security Officers, and Airport workers adequate #PPE for weeks now, and they are not listening to our concerns. That ain’t right!

We need to show a united force. If you haven’t already, sign on to our petition demanding the immediate fulfillment of:

  • Adequate PPE (Masks, Gloves, etc.)
  • Essential pay/Hazard Pay

Retail store cleaners generated 220 signatures in 5-days which has motivated two companies to open up to the idea of Essential Pay. We must fight today for a better tomorrow!

Be Calm, Limit Exposure. We Walk This Long Road Together.

Contact the Member Resource Center, 855-265-6225. on FB and on the web.

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