SEIU Announces Thursday for ULP Strike for 4,000 Janitors

Youth Climate Strikers to Join for Massive Thursday Evening Rally

MINNEAPOLISSEIU Local 26 announced today that 4,000 commercial janitors will begin their ULP strike starting the second shift on Thursday, February 27th. The striking janitors will be joined by the Youth Climate Strikers and other environmental allies who are supporting their call for “green jobs” with a rally and march through downtown Minneapolis starting at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday evening.

Fighting_Today_Signs_rally_rs“We’re ready to strike Thursday to stand up to our employers who are stalling on reaching a fair deal that ensures our families can live safe, happy and healthy lives. We’ve been pushing for four months for fair wages, paid sick days and a green training program that will help both us as janitors and address climate change that is harming our whole planet, but all they say is ‘no’,” said Elsa Guaman, a janitor with SEIU Local 26 contracted to clean the United Health Group headquarters. “As we see corporations do better and better and watch those in power try to divide us by our jobs, where we were born and the color of our skin, we are ready to stand together in the fight for good jobs for our families and with our environmental allies for solutions to protect our planet for our children’s future.”

The janitors and the contractors they work for have been negotiating for months, but so far management has stalled and refused to bargain fairly on demands around wages, paid sick days and a green training program that would help workers and be a way for tenants in giant office buildings to address their huge role in climate change in Minnesota

Joining the 4,000 janitors will be the Minnesota Youth Climate Strikers, who are mobilizing for Thursday’s action alongside other environmental groups like the Sierra Club, MN350, the BIPOC Climate Table and the 100% campaign.

Leaders of the Minnesota Youth Climate Strike released a statement in support of Thursday’s action:

“We, as youth, cannot stand to grow up in a world where corporations increasingly gain capital while minorities continue to be punished. Not only are we sick of being dismissed, but so is this beautiful planet. A push towards green training is a benefit for all that is being denied by management and big corporations with the power to combat the oppression that we face daily. We, along with many other environmental allies, will continue to stand in solidarity with our partners in the SEIU Local 26 of commercial janitors.”

The janitorial workers are employed by over a dozen different subcontractors like ABM & Marsden to clean corporate buildings like IDS, Capella Tower, EcoLab, U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo, United Health Group, Ameriprise and many more across the Twin Cities.

The commercial janitors are part of the 8,000 members of SEIU Local 26 who are subcontracted to clean and protect buildings in the Twin Cities (including some housing the richest corporations in the world) who have been negotiating seven contracts for over three months. The group unanimously voted Feb. 8th to authorize a ULP strike to stop the companies’ Unfair Labor Practices of stalling and refusing to give information, and to settle a fair contract.


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