Notice of Election Union Officers and Delegates

The following nominations have been verified and accepted as UNCONTESTED NOMINATIONS by the 2018 Election Committee: Abdi Haybe (Chair), Wendell Francis, Brett Halsey, Eva Lopez, Hector Sarabia, Kim Houle (staff advisor)

Office Candidate(s)
President(1) Javier Morillo-Alicea
Secretary-Treasurer(1) Greg Nammacher
Vice President (2): Romisha Jones, Elia Beltran Starkweather
Delegates to E-Board:
Commercial Cleaning (7) Katra Arale, Juana Arriaga, George Mullins, Nelson Ramos-Hernandez, Ana Vasquez
Security Division
Delegates (3) Laura De Young
In-House (1) Kor Yang
Window Cleaning (1) Eric Crone
Airport Workers (2) Abdi Ali, Misrak Anbesse
Retail Cleaning (1) Ivonne Garduno
Retired Members (1) John Graham

Uncontested Elections
: (United States Department of Labor Office of Labor-Management Standards OLMS)

An election of officers or delegates in which the act would normally require the use of a secret ballot need not be held by secret ballot when all candidates are unopposed and the following conditions are met:

  • The union provides a reasonable opportunity for nominations
  • Write-in votes are not permitted, as evidenced by a provision in the constitution and bylaws, a properly adopted resolution, or established union practice; and
  • The union complies with all other provisions of title

February 5, 2018

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