Beck Notice

By law, the Union is required to furnish the following information annually.  If you have questions, please call (612) 843-6315.

SEIU Local 26, like other unions, spends the vast majority of its funds on collective-bargaining related activities as well as some amounts for political lobbying, community services, charitable donations, publications, certain litigation and other matters.  As an employee represented by the Service Employees International Union Local 26 and covered by a contract containing a union security clause, you are required as a condition of employment to pay dues to the Union.  Employees that are members of the union pay dues and enjoy all the rights and privileges of union membership including attending union meetings, voting to ratify contracts, running for union office, voting for union officers, and participating in certain union benefit programs that are provided only to union members.

Employees may choose not to be members of the Union.  Employees that are not members of the union pay dues, but they do not enjoy any of the rights and privileges of membership.  Non-member employees may be “Beck Objectors” and may request an adjustment to their dues based on their objection to the Union expenditures that they believe are not reasonably related to representational activities including collective bargaining, contract negotiations, and grievance adjustment and related activities.  Non-members who choose to object should request an adjustment to their dues. Such a request must be in writing, and it must include the employee’s full name, address, social security number, current wage rate, and employer.  Such a request must be sent to SEIU Local 26 at 1620 Central Avenue NE, Suite 177, Minneapolis, MN  55413.  Such a request is valid until withdrawn by the employee.

Non-members who submit an objection shall receive information regarding how the union calculates representational expenditures and have their dues reduced to reflect the percentage of non-representational expenditures from the previous year.  This reduction in dues will commence on the first day of the month following the receipt of the objection. We estimate that Beck objectors will be required to pay about 85% of dues.

Non-member objectors have the right to challenge the union’s calculations of representational expenditures before an impartial arbitrator.  Such challenges must be made in writing, explain the basis for the challenge, and be received by the Union within 30 days of the employee receiving the calculation information. Upon receipt of a challenge, the Union will put the challenged amount of dues in an interest-bearing escrow account.  If more than one member challenges the calculations, the challenges will be consolidated for hearing.  The decision of the impartial arbitrator will be final and binding.

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