Executive Action on Immigration

On Thursday, November 20, President Obama announced a major executive action on immigration policy, which granted the opportunity for millions of undocumented immigrants in the United States to gain legal status, and will allow families to temporarily live without fear of deportation of a loved one.

SEIU leaders praised President Obama’s announcement of his administrative action on immigration as an important step in the right direction for immigrant families and American communities. His action provides millions of families with a historic opportunity to come out of the shadows and into the light of our economy and society without fear. Republicans in Congress have repeatedly failed to reform a broken immigration system that is not working for America. The President has taken a major step forward in addressing what needs to be fixed and has done what is right for our country.

President of SEIU International, Mary Kay Henry noted, “For millions of immigrant families, President Obama’s administrative action is life-changing. With this action, the president has taken our country forward in addressing what needs to be fixed about our broken immigration system. Millions of parents and children who work hard and play by the rules can now live without fear of being separated from their loved ones.”

The President’s action will allow millions of families to live without fear of deportation and to come out of the underground economy and raise their voices without fear of retribution.

“This is so important to our communities because right now too many families in Minnesota and across the country have to worry that they will come home one day to find that their family has been torn apart,” said Javier Morillo, President of SEIU Local 26. “This will allow families to stay together and will really strengthen communities across Minnesota and the United States.”

Local 26 has been active for years in trying to bring reform to the immigration system in this country; we understand many are excited and relieved by this opportunity, but there are also lingering feelings of uncertainty and fear. The public should be warned there are many people out in our communities who are offering immigration assistance. Please be aware of not becoming a victim of an immigration scam.  At this time there are no forms to fill out.  If someone is offering immigration assistance the public should check to see if the person is a lawyer of an accredited representative, which are the two groups of people authorized to practice immigration law. The groups hope to avoid the problems that arose after the president announced Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), when “notarios” and others sought to take advantage of immigrants.

We can expect more information in the coming weeks. Those who benefit from this administrative action are encouraged to learn more by visiting iAmerica.org, where you can learn more about this action, find out who  qualifies, and how to safely navigate through the application process.

Local 26 had an initial meeting with members interested in learning more about the executive actions and will continue to contact members as we get more information.

Contact Cynthia Campos at  (917)621-7374 or Ccampos[at]cynthiacamposlaw[dot]com for questions and more info and to stay connected on this issue.

This is a historic moment and the actions of President Obama will  bring relief to the lives of millions in the United States, but many are still left out We can rejoice that in Minnesota alone, the executive action will help about 3,000 people with families. However, over 6,500 immigrants in our state are left out. They continue living in fear while effective reform is postponed. We need a solution helping all immigrants in this country – something only Congress can do. There is still a great deal more work to be done We must pledge to continue to unite, stay organized and keep fighting for comprehensive immigration reform.

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