Immigration reform: It’s not a done deal.

We’ve always known that passing real immigration reform is not a question of if but when.

Call your Senator

Another day of debate keeps the momentum for commonsense immigration reform going strong. Today, working families across the nation can continue applauding Senators for passing amendments to the immigration bill that strengthen protections for future and current workers. In particular, the W Visa program was further bolstered with components that reflect the unprecedented agreement made earlier this year between Labor and Business. While the debate will only intensify in the days ahead, we will continue the drumbeat for smart immigration legislation that not only mirrors our national values, but also includes a clear and direct roadmap to citizenship.

Most of our families came to this country simply because they wanted to make a better life and be part of the land of opportunity. We cannot stand by and let the “American Dream” become those black-and-white images of the past. We need a solution that takes the American economy into the future.

Get on the phones to tell your Senator that you support immigration reform with a clear path to citizenship. They must hear from you!

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