After 1 day strike, Security Companies agree to same standards that Janitors won!

American settled early Wednesday morning, G4S, Whelan, Securitas, Viking and Allied Barton settled Thursday.

Our Tentative Agreement on a 3 year contract includes:

-A first contract for 1000 officers in the suburbs that have fought for more than 8 years for a union. Now all of the language protections enjoyed by officers downtown, will also be shared by suburban officers.

Raises of $1.20 over 3 years:
Downtown — Suburbs
3/1/13 $0.50— $0.30
3/1/14 $0.35— $0.30
3/1/15 $0.35— $0.30
8/1/15 $0.00— $0.30

– Protecting full time jobs through new limits on subcontracting
– Vacation Roll over of up to one week
– Disability pay increased to 49% of income, for up to 12 weeks
– Additional sick day 2 after 3 years, and 3 after 5 year
– Improved Health insurance for individuals for $35 per month, and $240 for children, on our union plan. We eliminated the annual inpatient caps and the pharmacy caps. The suburbs currently have a mix of no health insurance or expensive employer plans, and now those officers will also get the better union plan at $35/mo by the end of the contract.
– Better protection from arbitrary “client requests”
– Stronger, faster grievance procedure, including Written warnings out of your file after 1 year.

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