This Is Your Victory !!

On Friday, over 100 of our elected bargaining committee members met with both security and janitorial companies, before our deadline for a new contract. After more than 31 hours of marathon negotiations through the night, the janitorial companies agreed to a great new contract including:

  • – $1.20 raise over 3 years (50 cents, 35 cents, 35 cents)
  • – Protected full time jobs (the companies had proposed to make more than 1000 jobs into part time)
  • – Improvements in our healthcare benefits (individual coverage at $35/mo, and individual plus kids $150/mo, and elimination of annual maximums for pharmacy and inpatient care)
  • – More sick days and improved vacation accrual, disability pay, grievance procedure.

Next Step :

Ratification Vote This is a big step forward for office janitors! As a result of the tentative agreement, our strike is cancelled, and we will have the member ratification vote this Saturday, March 2nd, 11am at the Local 26 hall. Find out more about the ratification event here.

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