Why should you strike !!

by  Paul Keith                                                                                                                                                                      Security Officer

The things I hear regarding strike is always “I can’t afford it” or “what if it doesn’t work and they fire me” or “I pay my dues the union should take care of getting me my raise?” I could attempt to appeal to your head and say if you commit one day’s pay you would get back possibly thousands of dollars in pay and healthcare. I could tell you that if you can’t afford to lose one day’s pay you definitely need to strike because you definitely NEED a raise. Or I could remind you that by law, the companies can’t discipline or fire you. I could tell you that the union is most definitely not a free service, the 25 cents per hour ($40.00 a month) pays for us to organize the 6,200 members of this union (you and me) so we can effectively fight companies who have millions of dollars to spend because in the end, we have to do the fighting.

However, I think the reason to strike is much simpler than all of that. Do you respect yourself? Are you going to lay down and take what they give you, which is likely nothing? (14 years working security and I only received a raise after I joined the union.) This isn’t some large impersonal group working on your behalf to get you a raise, this is YOU – you can’t just phone this in. If you don’t like the way things work, then get involved. You get out what you put in: if you put nothing in, you get NOTHING out. No raise, no healthcare, no respect.

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