Are They Crazy ?

Companies propose to slash our wages and benefits by:

~ Cutting our Full Time Jobs:

The companies’ proposal on January 8th would replace hundreds of full-time positions with part-time positions by changing Article 13, which sets requirements for the number of full-time positions in each building. Before we won Article (10 years ago),almost all janitorial work in the Twin Cities was part-time. Now most janitors are Full-Time and make $13.42 per hour. If your position becomes part-time,it means you would lose almost $2.50 per hour ! (The rate would be $10.95, plus you would lose your health insurance,vacation, and sick days.) How would the companies’ proposal affect your building ?See below:

1-Large Buildings Downtown(500,000 square feet or greater) 1 in 4 positions would     become part time.

2-Medium Buildings Downtown(250,000 square feet or greater ) 1 in 2 positions    would become part time.

3- Any Buildings in the Suburbus, all positions would become part-time.

~ $ 0 Pay Raise, and going backwards up to $2.50/hr:

The companies proposed no raise for 2013. Those who are cut from full-time to part-time would lose $2.50 per hour. Pay for full-time janitors in medium or small downtown buildings (less than 500,000 sq ft) would also drop a dollar per hour to $12.35. The companies tried to convince us that these wage cuts would just be for new employees, not the current janitors. But what do you think will happen to your job if suddenly all of the new hires make dollars less than you do? The spokesperson for the companies even acknowledged that other companies would try to undercut each other with these lower wage rates.

“ Today(1-9-2013) was a very sad day for all the janitorial workforce. We felt under-valued and unappreciated.” Brahim, Marsden

“It is an insult. The companies are playing with us in their proposal to cut our salaries. We must show our strength on the march on January 24th.” Zoila from ABLE

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