Security Companies Continue to Stall

       Which one do YOU call “Bargaining?” (please choose one)

 1) A company only offers us 5 dates to negotiate since our contract convention.  They cancel one meeting at the last minute, and come 4 hours late to another one.  They agree to exactly 0 of our proposals.  They tell us that the next date they are available is more than 3 weeks away.

2) A company gives a “new” proposal on 6 issues, but turns out that it is the exact same proposal that the same company gave us over a year ago.

3) A company, on its first day of bargaining, agrees in writing to real improvements on 8 of the issues its employees’ raised.

If you choosed number 3, this is exactly what happened at the negotiations on January 3rd with one company called Block by Block in the security industry in the Twin Cities.  This is what most people would call bargaining in good faith.  Unfortunately, numbers 1 & 2 are what security officers in all of the other companies in the twin cities got as our new year’s “thank you” card!

Security Companies continue to stall.

Hear it from some of the 50 security officers in the room who took the day off to be in negotiations on January 3rd and 4th:

“The security companies are choosing to have an adversarial relationship with us, we have been been here waiting for them since 9:00 AM it is 1:27PM(1-3-2013) as I write this and the companies representatives have still not arrived.At what point will they get serious about bargaining with is, obviously not today. Paul Keith Security officer in Minneapolis

Security officers in the suburbs have not seen raises for years. Downtown officers deserve to move towards more livable wages and a professionalizing of the industry. The companies may not be serious about time spent bargaining, but we are. Kevin Chavis, Security officer in Minneapolis

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