A New Year, but the same old story from janitorial companies

After five full days of negotiations, the companies still can’t seem to get themselves together.  At the last meeting on December 27th, the companies didn’t come until 1:30pm (we started at 10:00am) and then at the last minute they announced they didn’t have the economic presentation they told us they would bring!  We still are waiting for them to agree to a single one of the 23 articles where janitors proposed improvements.

             A tale of two cities



Wage for full time janitors per hour 2012



Health Insurance contribution by company per employee per hour



Pension contribution per employee per hour



Total Cost  to company per employee



The companies have claimed before that the rent tenants pay are much higher in other cities, so they can afford to pay them more.  The only problem is …  the average rent is actually higher in Minneapolis ($24/sq ft) than in Pittsburg ($21/sq ft)!


I am so frustrated with what happened today at the negotiations. The companies didn’t follow through on their word to present their economic proposal. We must organize and get ready for a fight in January” Jenny Polio, ABM

“The companies are just stalling. As my Latino sisters say: ‘Mucho Trabajo, Poco Dinero’ (a lot of work but little money)” Maryan Nur, Marsden

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