100 Janitors came to negotiations over two days

   Companies drag their feet, but Janitors just get stronger and stronger!

Over the course of four negotiation sessions since November, the companies have just gone in circles. They still haven’t agreed to a single article we proposed, but they are starting to see that the longer they stall, the angrier and more determined we get about:

Protecting our jobs: When the companies proposed using supervisors and sub-contractors to do our work, our committee stood its ground, and we counter-proposed a ban on all subcontracting and temp work. Janitors gave many powerful examples of how supervisors and temp workers cheated union janitors out of hours.

Respect : Everyone knows grievances take too long. Janitors proposed speeding up the process by giving the companies clearer deadlines and penalties if they don’t respond quickly. The companies said no, but the committee won’t back down.

Just 10 days until our contract expires: when will the companies get serious?

We need to be united and help each other to win what we deserve and what is just. Lupita Ruby y Zulma Ruiz from Campbell Mithun building in downtown Minneapolis working for Harvard.

Margarita del Angel, Janitor at IDS with ABM. We are here in bargaining to stop the abuses at work, we are the union, use your rights!

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