Companies reject janitors’ proposals

On November 28th your elected union bargaining committee presented the companies with our proposal to move our industry forward.  In the second meeting on December 12th the companies gave their written responses to the janitors’ proposals.  The companies refused to agree on any of our proposed articles, including those addressing critical issues like workload and vacation. 

                          They want us to go backwards!!

  • Your job in danger:  The companies proposed that a supervisor can do your work, and that your company can subcontract your job out to another, lower paid janitor.
  • Making it even harder to transfer: The companies want to make it so you couldn’t transfer unless you have more than 12 months at your current building, and if you turn down any offer (even to a building you don’t want) , then you will be kicked off the transfer list for 12 more months.
  • More workload: The companies want to start doing more window cleaning (will they will hire extra people, or just add it to your workload?)
  • Eliminate your right to file a grievance over certain types of discipline.
  • Increased probation: The companies proposed to increase it from 60 to 120 days.


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