When will the security companies get serious?

Local 26 Security Officer Bargaining Update #1

On December 10th, the union security officer negotiation team met with the companies for just the second time since our contract convention last month.  We proposed 6 additional dates to meet.  The companies only agreed to one before the expiration of the current union contract.

 Divide and Conquer

 The companies insisted twice that they do not want to negotiate over the suburbs until we have resolved the downtown officer’s contract.  Suburban officers have been at the bargaining table since last year.  We still have received no written counter proposals for the suburbs since the spring. How long is long enough to wait?

        Security Companies Propose Giant Step Backwards            

  • The security companies did not accept a single one of security officers’ proposals to move our industry forward.  Instead they focused on undermining the protections we have won in the last 5 years downtown.
  • Kicking officers out of the union:The companies proposed to exclude the following types of officers from the union (which means no union protection, no guaranteed wages or benefits):
    • all officers who work in hospitals, schools, or smaller buildings under 100,000 sq ft like bank branches,
    • all officers at accounts that are bid on nationally (this could include your account if the primary tenant has locations in other states)
    • all mobile, patrol and lead officers.
  • Kicking officers off of Full time benefits: the companies proposed that any officer who works between 35 and 39 hours per week would go to PT and lose their current healthcare benefits, vacation accrual, etc.
  • Silencing officers:  
    • by barring them from filing class action wage and hour claims,
    • by barring officers from participating in internet postings, blogs, websites, or emails that are “anti-company”  (whatever that is supposed to mean),
    • by increasing the probation from 90 to 150 days.
  • Eliminating guaranteed raises: companies could force a “wage reopener” in the middle of the contract to change wage rates.
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