Proposed Principles for our Union Contract Negotiations

Unlocking a Better Future for MN:

Proposed Principles for our Union Contract Negotiations

More than 7000 janitors, security officers, airport service workers, and retail cleaners are standing together to improve our sub-contracted industries.  We stand up not only for ourselves, but for all sub-contracted workers, who more and more are the face of the economy that the 1% have forced on us.  Will we take the 1%’s road to poverty, or unlock the door to a better future in Minnesota?  Many of us will begin negotiations for new union contracts in the next few weeks.  Based on months of member meetings and surveys, we have developed the following list of principles for our negotiations:

1)        Wages that bring our families out of poverty

-A salary that can support a family

-improved vacation and holidays

-Guaranteed paid breaks.

-Savings, including a retirement with dignity and life insurance.

-watchdog fund to prevent illegal wage and hour theft in our industry.

-parking reimbursement

-direct deposit and penalty pay for bounced /inaccurate checks

-overtime after 8 hours/day

2)       Affordable, quality, healthcare

-Health, Dental, and vision insurance plans that don’t leave us with huge bills.

-affordable coverage for both individuals and our families

-more sick days each year.

-short term disability pay at 2/3rd our wage, and include pregnancy leave.

3)       Secure, full time, jobs

-All jobs in our industries should be full time.

-Stronger protections against losing our jobs when clients change contractors or request a worker’s removal.

-Stronger protections against unreasonable workloads

-Better training and equipment for our safety

-career advancement, including education fund

-clearer post orders for security officers

-protections against temp work.

-Reduce probation to 30 days.

-stronger seniority rights, and rights when we are laid off.

4)       A Strong voice at work: our Union

-fast and fair grievance procedure.

-paid release time for stewards, including trainings and new employee orientations.

-clearer, stronger contract language, and better access to information and buildings.

5)       A movement to improve our community

-Leadership on policies that respect our diversity

-Remove obstacles to hiring youth from our communities.

-Reduce the environmental impact of our industry

-Demand the 1% are held accountable to get our economy back on track.

It is time the 1% do their fair share

Winning these principles in our sub-contracted industries would create a “private sector stimulus”, pumping $100 million annually into the very neighborhoods hit hardest by the recession in Minnesota.  It is time the contractors and the 1% do their share to unlock the potential of MN.


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