Unlocking a Better Future for Minnesota

More than 7,000 janitors, security officers, airport service workers and retail cleaners are standing together to improve our sub-contracted industries. We stand up not only for ourselves,but for all sub-contracted workers,who more and more are the face of the economy that the 1% have forced on us. Will we take the 1% road to poverty, or unlock the door to a better future in Minnesota?

Many of us will begin negotiations for new union contracts in the next few weeks.  Based on months of member meetings and surveys, we have developed the following list of principles for our negotiations:

             Wages that bring our families out of poverty

    Affordable, quality, healthcare

  Secure, full time, jobs

A Strong voice at work: our Union

A movement to improve our community

Its Your Union,

Make Your Voice Heard!


                                  Come to the Contract Convention

 When:  Saturday, November 17th 10:30am Registration

Where:       St Paul Central High School. 275 Lexington Parkway N, St Paul

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