Clergy, Anti-foreclosure Activists call for Change at Big Banks

Over the past year we have made incredible progress in our movement to hold the big banks and other corporations accountable for their role in the collapse of our economy.

However, our work isn’t done.

As the 99% Spring continues, Minnesotans for a Fair Economy – a coalition that SEIU is part of – is launching a Week of Action throughout the Twin Cities on Monday along with faith-based, labor and community organizations. Hundreds of members of the 99% will be rallying, knocking on doors, visiting a shareholder meeting and pledging to move their money out of U.S. Bank and Wells Fargo.

During the week of May 7, activists will work to peacefully persuade US Bank, Wells Fargo and other major corporations to take responsible action to end the foreclosure crisis, create meaningful opportunity for the communities hardest hit by the economic downturn, pay their fair share of taxes, stop interfering in our democracy, respect immigrant communities and end predatory financial practices. The week of action will culminate in the “1% vs. Democracy March” and “Move Your Money Day”in downtown Minneapolis on May 11th

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