Local 26 Members Help Elect Barack Obama

2007 MPAC Obama

Election 2008 will forever be remembered as an historic, transformational point in US history. The American people voted overwhelmingly for change as men and women of all different backgrounds across this nation sent a clear message: it is time to create a new American Dream.

And SEIU was a driving force in victories for working families all over the country. In Minnesota, more than 100 janitors, security officers, healthcare workers, and school employees who are members of SEIU took time off to bring home victory for Barack Obama and other candidates promising the change working families need.

2008-11 Franken rally

Through Monday, November 3rd, SEIU members and staff had knocked on 89,742 doors, made 200,061 phone calls, and talked to over 44,400 Minnesotans to ensure that voters across the state knew who stood with all those Americans who wake up and earn a paycheck every day.

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