Officers Charge Hannon Security With Racial Discrimination

On Monday, October 1st, security officers filed a formal complaint with the Employment Equal Opportunity Commission (EEOC) alleging that Hannon Security engages in racial discrimination in their hiring practices, job placement, and training.

In the past several months, white applicants with no security experience have been hired over applicants of color with significant security experience. In other cases, less qualified white applicants have been assigned to higher paying accounts and/or preferential shifts.

Officers of color with over a decade of experience at Hannon report that they regularly train new white officers with little or no security experience to work in higher paying accounts.

This charge follows a pattern of behavior at Hannon Security that goes back several years. A 2003 lawsuit alleged that officers of color were regularly transferred or moved from certain buildings on days when the owners of those buildings had meetings.

Nearly 60% of another local security company’s officers are minorities, according to their officers, and another security company employs almost 100 Somali officers locally.

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