Setting a New Standard for Security Officers

Barbara Sadt

“I can now go to work every day knowing I am making a living wage and can supply healthcare to my family. And that I now have a terrific support system at my site for whatever difficulties may or may not come my way. This is a very secure feeling in today’s world.” – Barbara Sadt

Since security officers won a new contract last year with gauranteed pay raises and affordable healthcare, we’ve kept on organizing. Officers at the Minneapolis Impound Lot who worked for Twin Cities Security recieved pay raises of two dollars per hour or more  and now have healthcare for the first time ever. In addition, numerous of Avalon Fortress Security’s clients have decided to use responsible contractors, including the Minneapolis Convention Center, Minneapolis Waterworks and sports teams like the Vikings and the Gophers.

Our Campaign Continues in the Suburbs!
Security officers who work for the union companies in the suburbs have been organizing for years to win the same standards that Barbara Sadt and her co-workers at the Minneapolis Impound Lot just won. Join us at our member meeting on Saturday, May 9th to talk about our next steps to win in the suburbs. Registration begins at 10:30am.

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